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The Best Video Clip is the One You Just Recorded

It is often said that “The best camera is the one you have on you”. Perhaps for video this should become “The best video clip is the one you just recorded” because no matter how hard you try to control the situation, the uniqueness of that single moment in time is either captured or lost.

Hot Air Balloon Nightglow

Hot Air Balloon Nightglow

We always try to capture video with the best quality but there will be times where you didn’t have time to adjust the camera setting, have time to get to a better viewpoint or do better camerawork. If you’re really lucky then this is where video processing and post-production tools save the day. Clips with bad motion can be stabilized, bad lighting can be modified, colors re-graded, foreign objects segmented and rotoscaped out. It’s also a challenge: how we can build the tools that will rescue all clips.