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Hello MotionBend 1.2.7

Only a few weeks have passed since MotionBend 1.2.5 was released, in that time we have released both 1.2.6 and now 1.2.7. You may be asking why we didn’t wait and put all the changes into a single new version. The reason is that we had made improvements and fixes that we felt warranted a new version as soon as possible.

There was an issue when two consecutive linear type motion events were used that meant they may not have a smooth transition. We really didn’t want to leave you waiting for this fix so we released 1.2.6.

We added some fixes for border completion: under certain pathological conditions it was possible for the renderer to take a very long time to process a frame. By changing the method, we’ve made it faster and we’ve also fixed an alignment problem. We noticed that in crop mode, the crop frame sometimes didn’t quite cover the moving border so we fixed that too.

None of these changes affect how you use MotionBend and when you see the improved results, I think you’ll agree that it was worth it. We always recommend you use the latest version.