MotionBend 1.4.6 Details

While we're working on some major changes to the core of MotionBend for version 1.5 we decided that it would be a good idea to make this interim release.

New MotionBend Icon


The application icon has been redrawn to make it a bit cleaner. It's a very simple design and we thought it would be better to work on new features and fixing things rather than fiddle too much with something that works.

The GUI has received a mini refresh: we have now moved over to a "flat" style. This is mainly because that is what people expect these days. Somewhat ironically, before the first release of MotionBend we adopted a flat style as our preferred look but ultimately decided that we should follow the Apple look of the time (Leopard) and make it look how people expected. This meant adding lots of gradients and shiny buttons.

Moving on to new features, there is now a "cinema view" mode for the main window, allowing you to get a better view of the action. The full screen mode has been tidied up so it works a lot smoother, there were a few bugs lurking in the code that have now been purged.

MotionBend in "Cinema View" Mode

Jobs in the Batch Processor can now be enabled and disabled, so that you can work on more important jobs first and then return to process other jobs already in the job list. You can also delete jobs using the keyboard - simply select the jobs and hit the delete key.

Jobs in the Batch Processor, Showing Some Jobs Disabled for Deferred Processing


Finally, as part of the work towards version 1.5 some of the data saved in project files needed to change formatting in order to improve the flow of data for efficient processing and also to enable some future features.