Details on MotionBend 1.6.1

The latest version of MotionBend features additional Rotation Dampening. Video from handheld cameras is often accidentally rotated, when moving forwards or backwards and especially when panning although it's not always noticeable. Rotation Dampening adds additional smoothing to the rotation on top of the normal smoothing. Rotation Dampening is taken into account when generating correction to make the motion more consistent. Most shakey videos will look better with Rotation Dampening but you can disable it if you prefer.


MotionBend Plugin Improvements

While some early adopters of 10.4 reported issues with other plugins, MotionBend has been tested on Final Cut Pro X 10.4 and is working happily.

The rotation dampening parameter is now one of the options. Other improvements to 1.6.1 are tuning for performance

MotionBend Stand-Alone Improvements

Here is a screenshot showing MotionBend running on High Sierra. This should be familiar to anyone who has been using the software.

Rotation Dampening is part of the global options and event detection type can be found next to the event detection functions:


A reference rotation can be set:

Subtitles detection has been made easier to change on a per video basis.

The Motion Events table has been moved to a separate window but it is still available if you need it: