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How 8K Measures Up

High Definition is old, 4K is settled in, now it’s the turn of 8K. Asides from professional level cameras, 8K cameras are starting to come to market. One of the most hotly anticipated is the Canon R5 and likely to lead many into the world of 8K video. Is it time to get serious about 8K?

The road to 8K

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The State of UHDTV

In the last 12 months 4K video has been a hot topic. There are now a range of cameras that can capture professional quality 4K video and there are various 4K monitors and TVs, the majority of which support the 3840×2160 flavor of 4K. You can even capture 4K video on smart phones and compact cameras.

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Transitioning to a 4K Workflow

4K is firmly on the roadmap for all video makers and content creators. It is not a question of if but a question of when and how. 4K is not a new technology; it’s been around for years and has already been used for several feature films. At IBC 2013 a live Rugby match was broadcast and shown as a demonstration. At Wimbledon 2013, the BBC and Sony trialled 4K. In August 2013, BSkyB performed a 4K satellite test transmission linked from an outside broadcast.

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