Press Release

October 14, 2011

Tiliam Research Releases MotionBend 1.1

Tiliam Research Ltd releases MotionBend 1.1, an update to the camera motion editing application. MotionBend's motion editing capabilities make it ideal for digital camera work and achieving high quality camera motion post-capture.

The key new feature in version 1.1 is the extension of Linear type correction. MotionBend allows various types of motion correction to be applied; Linear correction offers the capability of correcting motion to have constant acceleration, perfectly smooth linear motion and constant deceleration. Additional control parameters make it even easier to achieve perfect digital camera work.

New Features

  1. More flexible Linear correction:
    • Events can now have custom start and stop values.
    • Events can now modify previous Linear events that have no deceleration.
  2. Improved user interface layout and style.
  3. Support for JPEG-2000 images.
  4. Over 15 other improvements and fixes.

MotionBend 1.1 is free for licensed users of MotionBend 1.0.

For more information on MotionBend, please visit the MotionBend web site at