Press Release

May 25, 2012

MotionBend 1.2 Raises its Game

Tiliam Research today announced the release of MotionBend 1.2, an update to the video stabilization and motion editing software. This new version adds features aimed at raising quality to a professional level and improving ease of use.

New internal high bit depth processing allows MotionBend to support professional quality video formats such as all flavors of Apple's ProRes intermediate video codec. High bit depth can also be used with still image formats for full quality.

The new batch processor takes the effort out of generating stabilized video for multiple video clips. You can analyze and render multiple clips. You can also output projects so that you can return to tweak parameters later if necessary.

New Features

  1. Support for Apple ProRes video codec: Select any ProRes type for high quality output
  2. Support for images and video with more than 8-bits per color component: For improved video quality in internal processing
  3. Batch processor: Stage multiple videos for analysis and processing
  4. Automatic Gain Correction: Improved border completion rendering
  5. Project browser: List projects with thumbnail and important meta data for quickly finding your work

MotionBend 1.2 is free for licensed users of MotionBend 1.0 and 1.1.

For more information on MotionBend, please visit the MotionBend web site at