June 6, 2013

MotionBend 1.3.2 Released: Speed Boost

Tiliam Research today announced the release of MotionBend 1.3.2. In this version tracking, motion estimation and output rendering have been made multithreaded using MacOS X Grand Central Dispatch technology. This means that if you have a Mac with more than one CPU or more than one core, MotionBend will be faster.

A new buffered playback mode makes it easy to review motion quality by playing segments of video directly from memory. Other improvements include multiple selection of motion events for easier editing and several bug fixes. See the release notes for a complete list of changes.

MotionBend 1.3.2 is free for all licensed users of MotionBend version 1.

For more information on MotionBend, please visit the MotionBend web site at http://www.motionbend.com.