September 25, 2017

Tiliam Research Introduces MotionBend Plugin

Tiliam Research Ltd introduces MotionBend Plugin, a version of MotionBend designed as a plugin for Apple's Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) video editing software and Apple Motion. Sharing the same motion analysis, motion processing and rendering engines as MotionBend means that this plugin gives the same results as the stand-alone application but without needing to leave the video editing environment.

MotionBend Plugin can be applied to Multicam and Compound clips. Due to its nature as a plugin some features of the stand-alone application are not available from within FCPX, however, it is possible to import data from MotionBend projects to apply complex motion edits and take advantage of batch processing functionality.

MotionBend Plugin is released in a combined package with MotionBend 1.6.

For more information on MotionBend, please visit the MotionBend web site at