Press Release

September 9, 2011

Tiliam Research Introduces MotionBend, a Video Motion Editor

Tiliam Research Ltd introduces MotionBend, a new software application for analyzing, smoothing and correcting camera motion of natural video.

When video has been captured it is either expensive or impossible to re-shoot the exact same scene to get the camera motion right. Both professionals and amateurs benefit from being able to make the camera motion look intentional and smooth.

MotionBend's motion editing capabilities means that it is easy to apply stabilization. Furthermore, it is possible to smooth out pans, remove pauses or add them in, change speed or change the smoothness of the motion by applying different filtering parameters.

Videos that have shaky, vague or distracting motion can be rescued by MotionBend and made watchable.

Major Features

  1. Independent variable motion correction for horizontal and vertical axes, each divided into individual motion events for comprehensive control of motion.
  2. Interactive visualisation of motion edits.
  3. Various border processing modes including full screen completion.

For more information on MotionBend, please visit the MotionBend web site at